Interior Signage


It is just as important to look good on the inside when welcoming a potential client into your business. Let us take your brand indoors with our options for interior signage. From lobby and dimensional logo signs to vinyl wall graphics, Wraptor can ensure your interior is complimented by the right signage.

Exterior Signage


Attract customers from the outside! Don’t sit idly by as potential customers drive right past your business. We will ensure your business gets noticed whether they are looking for it or not. Our Wraptor team is able to design and manufacture custom outdoor signage that gives your customers a standout first impression.


The great thing about wrapping or putting any type of branding on your vehicles is that it instantly becomes a mobile advertisement for you wherever your travels take you. With a wide variety of options for you to consider when choosing how to best promote your business on your vehicle or fleet, Wraptor ensures that you get noticed on any budget.

Custom Designs


We are proud to be a company that injects creativity and innovation into all aspects of our business. While our sole focus is our business clients, we are also interested in trying new things and expanding our horizons for personal clients as well. Find out more about where Wraptor is going, you may be surprised.

Wraptor Signs & Graphics

Calgary business signage and vehicle wraps

Wraptor is a southeast Calgary based sign and graphics company specializing in interior and exterior business signs, fleet and vehicle graphics, wall and window graphics and so much more!   We love implementing bold and edgy graphic solutions to enhance our client’s business: our aim is to get you noticed on the inside and out. An impactful business sign is a great way to attract and bring in future customers … and that’s where we come in. Signage in the form of a vehicle wrap or business front graphic is your silent and cost effective salesman on the road. With the addition of the right interior graphics and images, you will be able to show your business partners and customers that they are in the right place, dealing with the right company, and working with the right people. Get started now: come see our designers!     Our associates:

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