Calgary LED Signs

Advertise Your Calgary Business and Save Money with LED Signs

Want dynamic signage that will get you noticed and is easy to change on the fly without costing you an arm and a leg? Get an LED sign (or two, or three).

LED lighting is extremely popular these days whether it be for Christmas lights or exterior and interior illumination. Light emitting diodes are bright, can reproduce literally billions of colours, are very energy efficient compared to other types of lighting, and they last a long, long time. A typical LED has a lifespan of 100,000 hours. That’s the equivalent of being on 18 hours a day for 14 years. They generate very little heat and they convert 80% of electricity to light unlike incandescent bulbs that convert 80% of electricity to heat. LED lights also don’t contain toxic materials like mercury, lead, or cadmium so they’re good for the environment.

Strings of LED’s encased in a flexible jacket can be used to mimic neon lighting. They can also be installed behind plastic signs and channel letters to create dramatic and eye catching lighting effects. They’re tough and very difficult to damage, unlike other forms of lighting.

Where LED lights really shine is in dynamic signs like the ones you see on city buses or at gas stations and convenience stores. LED signs are now available in single colour, three colour, or full colour units that can produce as many as 500 trillion colours and provide almost photographic image and video quality.

Unlike static signs, LED signs or message boards can easily be changed and the information on them tailored to appeal to a specific type of passerby at different times of the day. Now that’s highly targeted and effective advertising.

LED signs and lighting effects are available at various pricing levels and there is something available for anyone who wants to have a dynamic and eye catching way to draw attention to their business.

If you’re in the market for effective advertising, whether it be a sign or a vehicle wrap, contact Wraptor Signs and Graphics in Calgary today.

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