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ALBERTA IS SET TO RE-OPEN … ARE YOU READY?   Great news for many Albertans following Jason Kenny’s announcement that some non-essential businesses can slowly begin to re-open, starting as early as next week.  This, of course, is dependent on Alberta’s ability to keep the COVID-19 outbreak under control.    What does this mean for […]


Protective Counter Barriers

Barriers Help to Protect Your Employees & Customers We recently started receiving calls from our retail clients asking if we are able to produce protective barriers (sneeze guards) for their customer service counters. With the ongoing spread of Covid-19, many businesses have been scrambling to take additional measures to protect their customers and employees. One […]


COVID-19 Resource Information

Information for Employees and Employers In a heartbeat, our personal and business worlds have collided into an unprecedented time of uncertainty that has many of us feeling we are living a sci-fi nightmare.    We are getting bombarded with non-stop information that is constantly changing.  It is not only hard to keep up, it is […]


Spring is almost here!

Spring is just around the corner (March 19th!) and none too soon.  Many Canadians have already started to plan for their summer vacation and, with the rising COVID-19 concerns, are likely going to be keeping closer to home.  Campgrounds and lake resorts will be booking up quickly this year. Canadian lakes will be busier than usual […]

Chrome and reflective vinyl decals on fleet truck - night shot

Revisiting Reflective Vinyl

Is reflective vinyl right for your next signage or vehicle graphics project? Reflective vinyl allows for ease of detecting vehicles and other types of signage at dawn, dusk and the dark of night.  It also provides for improved extended visibility in the low light we must endure during fall and winter.  Although it is most […]