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    Calgary Sign Makers

    We kindly welcome you to our sign makers contact page! Welcome to the best place for professional signage solutions that will raise the visibility of your brand. We have a group of professional sign makers who are committed to producing custom-made signs according to your requirements. We offer a wide range of signs, from indoor to outdoor, illuminated or custom.

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    Wraptor Signs & Graphics
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    Calgary, AB T2Z 4M8

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    Q: On the other hand what is the sign maker?
    A sign-maker is an expert or a business that specializes in producing, installing, and often, designing many types of signage. Such signs can be internal to office, retail and other business signage or be outdoor signs for businesses.

    Q: What signs can a sign maker manufacture?
    A great range of signs can be created by sign makers, such as but not restricted to:A great range of signs can be created by sign makers, such as but not restricted to:

    Signage include outdoor signage that involve monuments, yards, billboards, and storefronts.
    Indoor signs: menu boards, interior ADA signs, continuous signs, lobby signs, etc.
    Vehicle wraps are unique letters or images manifested on cars to brand them or advertise.
    Banners and posters: For occasions, advertisements, or learning purposes.
    Digital signage is the term used to refer to electronic displays used for dynamic content in a wide range of situations such as restaurants, retail businesses, and corporate settings.
    What are typicall materials used to make signs?
    Different materials are used by sign manufacturers, this can change based on the type of sign and intended application.

    Metal: brass, stainless steel, or aluminium will ensure longevity and resistance to outdoor conditions.
    Acrylic is a material used in indoor signs that is frequently machine-cut using precise lasers.
    Vinyl: It is good for stickers, banners, and vehicle wrappings.
    Wood: For rustic and old styled signs.
    LED: For used with electronic posters or lighted signs.
    What is the lead time for a custom sign to be manufactured?
    The complexity, size, and materials used in a customed sign all directly influence the production lead-time. Plain sign might be done in a couple of days, but when it comes to very complex projects it may take a few weeks to be done from the stage of design to the installation.

    Sign manufacturers, do they have installation services?
    Most of the sign makers offer the installation services. They have the expertise and tools that enable them to ensure correct mounting and placement of signs, particularly large or illuminated signs that are located outdoors.

    Q: Is sign writing design-oriented?
    The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of sign makers have in-house design services, or sub out this work, to help their customers come up with sign designs that will complement their branding and messaging goals. They serve to make sure that the project meets all relevant local legislation.

    Q: What factors should I take into account when selecting a sign maker?
    Among other factors to consider when choosing a sign maker, are the company’s reputation, history, price, turnaround time, portfolio, name and level of customer service. For a reputable end product that meets your desire, it is equally important to specify your individual needs.

    Q: What is the cost of a quote for a bespoke sign?
    Most sign makers will send you a quote after you’ve contacted them through phone, email or their website. Ensure that you are well updated on the type of sign, materials, size, quantity, design needs, and so on.