3d printed letter

3D printing eliminates waste, saves time!

At Wraptor Signs and graphics, we are always working with our partners to come up with new and exciting innovations.
Joining with local manufacturers on the cutting edge of the technology industry has always
afforded us the unique opportunity to provide our clients with access to unlimited possibilities
when it comes to choosing the signs that work best for them in todays evolving market.

Our 3d printed signs are one of our most exciting innovations to date.

Partnering with a local tech company, we have developed a product that fits all of todays growing market needs.

Nobody can argue that thoughts surrounding resource management and sustainable production have become increasingly important when considering which companies we all choose to work with.
Markets are shifting to thoughts of waste reduction, sustainable resourcing, and environmental stewardship.

Adopting manufacturing processes that meet these concerns has become one of our main priorities.
This is why we are so excited to be working with this new 3D printing technology.

3d printed signs are produced though an FDM manufacturing process, and in most cases using a filament produced with Polylactic Acid.
Polylactic acid, also known as PLA, is a thermoplastic monomer derived from renewable, organic sources such as corn starch or sugar cane. Using biomass resources makes PLA production different from most plastics, which are produced using fossil fuels through the distillation and polymerization of petroleum.
PLA is also easily re-used, recycled, and long term biodegradable.
This makes PLA an amazing options to fit todays market needs.

FDM printing is also an amazing method of manufacturing when it comes to reducing waste.
Using an additive process eliminates plastic cut offs, one of the most wasteful and environmentally damaging aspects of the sign manufacturing industry.
Reducing the amount of non biodegradable plastics that end up in landfills has been one of the most impactful benefits to this amazing new manufacturing process.

Using this method of production also gives us unlimited possibilities when it comes to profile options and assembly techniques. This helps us to greatly reduce our applied labor. As everyone knows, saving time means saving money.
Savings we proudly pass on to our clients.

With so many benefits and constantly evolving feature to this new technology, it is an undeniable truth that this is quickly evolving into the manufacturing process of the future.

Here at Wraptor, we are bringing this technology to our clients today!

Our 3D printed options save materials, save waste, save time, help to reduce environmental impact, and save YOU money!

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