Innovative Sign Redesign: Saves Money

Innovative, cost savings signage for Tiger Sugar's new Edmonton location.

In the world of custom signage, every project comes with unique challenges and opportunities. We have had the honor of working with Tiger Sugar, a beloved bubble tea brand, for the past 3 years. When Tiger Sugar approached us for their Edmonton location signage, little did they know that we would embark on a partnership bringing innovative cost-savings that would exceed their expectations.

The Challenge: Lit Channel Letter Signage

Initially, Tiger Sugar’s landlord advised that a lit channel letter sign would be required for their Edmonton location. While lit channel letters undoubtedly offer excellent visibility and brand recognition, they can be more expensive to produce and maintain. This posed a challenge for our team. We were committed to delivering a solution that not only met Tiger Sugar’s branding needs but also aligned with their budget.

The Innovative Solution: Redesigning with Word and Logo Shapes

Our dedicated team of designers and craftsmen put their heads together to find a creative solution. The answer was to rethink the concept of signage itself.

Rather than pursuing the traditional lit channel letter route, we proposed a redesign that encompassed lit LED word and logo shapes. This approach not only reduced the complexity and cost of the signage but also allowed us to maintain the essence of Tiger Sugar’s brand identity.

Redefining the Design

Our first step was to redefine the design. We reimagined Tiger Sugar’s distinctive tiger-striped pattern, integrating it into the overall shape of the sign. By incorporating the pattern into the design, we retained the brand’s visual identity while minimizing the need for intricate channel letters. We reduced the production of ten individual letters down to two contour shapes. We were also able to add a third, round logo shape, projecting sign and frame.  All for less than the cost of the initially requested individual fabricated letters.

Material Selection and Fabrication

The choice of materials played a crucial role in ensuring the success of this project. We selected materials that were not only cost-effective but also durable and visually appealing. These materials allowed us to accurately reproduce the tiger-striped pattern while maintaining the integrity of the signage.

Custom Fabricated LED Word Shape Sign

Installation and Cost Savings

One of the most significant advantages of this innovative redesign was the cost savings it provided Tiger Sugar. The elimination of complex channel letters and the streamlined design made the installation process more efficient and cost-effective, including the utilization of the existing structural awning for secure mounting.


Our collaboration with Tiger Sugar is a testament to our commitment to finding creative and cost-effective solutions for our clients. When faced with the challenge of lit channel letter signage, we didn’t just look for a workaround. We reimagined the entire concept of signage to better suit our client’s needs and budget.

We are thrilled to announce will be working with Tiger Sugar once again, for a new Edmonton location. Building on our past successful collaboration, we look forward to delivering top-notch signage solutions that not only represent the brand but also leave a lasting impression for their expanding customer base in Edmonton.  Stay tuned for another exciting signage project!

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