Glass & Partition

Interior glass partitions and doors are stylish additions to any home or office. If you have a need for privacy or would like to put the flat surface space to good use with a graphic, logo or some form of advertisement, we will create the perfect solution to fit your needs.

We offer a wide range of films from translucent window perforations with printed graphics or etchmark (for more of a frosted glass feel), to vinyls that only allow viewing from one side, to opaque films that block out all light.

Privacy window etch for boardroom

Glass and partition graphics can be both functional and decorative, as shown in the example below.

Glass & Partition - example of artistic window etch

Turn your window space into a functional and/or artistic showpiece.  For a free consultation and mock-up, send us a picture of the window, door or partition you would like to enhance or showcase.


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