Digital Signs - Digital Advertising Billboard

Signs Go Digital

A few short years ago, static exterior and interior signage was the norm. Then came rotating billboards with precisely rotating blades that allowed a billboard to cycle through two or three images. It was pretty eye catching technology, and it doubled or tripled the amount of content that could be shown on one billboard.

Changing a sign is time consuming and it can be expensive – definitely not something that can be done on the fly. Sometimes business owners or advertisers would rather just cover up out of date information with cardboard and duct tape than pay for a new sign.

Advertising gets Dynamic

Along came LCD and Plasma display technology and changed advertising and content delivery forever.

A digital sign is similar to the plasma or LCD TV in your living room and is controlled by a personal computer or server. The content it shows can easily and quickly be changed. Digital signs are becoming increasingly popular as information portals in stores, restaurants, airports, along highways, and in institutions like museums and galleries – anywhere people need information that can change quickly. The can be used to show video, live TV, text, and images equally well.

For many business owners, digital signs are becoming a necessary part of doing business. Not only are they a potent medium for advertising, they can be used for brand building and influencing customer behaviour. They can also enhance a customer’s experience. Time flies when you’re waiting in a long line but you’re being entertained by something on a digital display. Digital signs at a point of sale can also grab customers’ attention and they tend to remember (and maybe buy on impulse) what they see.

Interactive Digital Signs

Interactive digital signs have become the new state of the art. Interactive signs make information available on multiple layers that can be flipped through by users. This not only maximizes the amount of content that can be shown on one display – it puts users in charge of their experience. They are no longer passive and forced to look at or ignore what someone else thinks they should see.

Digital signs are not cheap but prices are steadily falling and businesses owners have to decide if the return on investment makes them worth the cost.

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