Custom Vinyl Wraps for Anywhere.

You might think that vinyl wraps aren’t particularly hardy or that they aren’t versatile enough to accommodate where you want your branding, but you’d probably be incorrect. While there may be some challenges, almost anything can be wrapped by a professional. Since we wouldn’t recommend applying a vinyl wrap by yourself anyways, if you have any questions you can always come into Wraptor and ask about your custom sign project. But, before you do, here are couple things that we think everyone should know about vinyl wraps.

They’re durable and can go anywhere. On your personal vehicle or professional fleet, vinyl wraps are built to go anywhere you car will. They’re waterproof, scratch resistant, and stand up to grit and hail as well as or better than regular paint. Because the vinyl can be printed in any colour, it’s great for any sort of corporate branding. Windows, vehicles, anything – even surf boards – can all be wrapped in vinyl. Our wrappings are resilient, and not even waves of salt water can quickly deteriorate the plastic. Fortunately, even if you do manage to nick or damage the vinyl, replacing a small panel is usually inexpensive and provides protection for the surface underneath.

Our vinyl wraps are easy to clean and care for. You don’t have to take any sort of special care when cleaning your wrapped car (or surf board). Soap and water will do the trick to remove most dirt and grime, and any quality product you would usually use on your car can still be used. This is great news since a vinyl wrap that receives even minor care can easily last three or four years. If your wrap isn’t being exposed daily to the elements, it may even last significantly longer than this estimate. After all, some quality manufacturers will offer warranties for up to seven years! These warranties often apply to fleet or commuter cars that are used daily for long hours.

You may have guessed, but here at Wraptor: we love custom vinyl wraps. The durability and customization makes wraps a great product for adding branding to almost anywhere. We also love how they’re easy to care for and long lasting to provide great value to our customers. Are you looking for custom vinyl wraps in Calgary? Wraptor Signs and Graphics has everything you need. Call us today: 587 350 5922.