Other Vehicles

Wraps aren’t just for cars, trailers and trucks … your other vehicles also deserve to stand out and get appreciated!

We can make your off road vehicle, boat, bike, etc. unique to you by applying a custom wrap and/or custom decals. Our vinyls are water and dirt safe, which means your wrap will stay looking good while you get wet and muddy with your motorized toys.

Perhaps your favorite, long-term motorized toy is starting to get a bit worn looking or outdated.  Not ready to buy a new one?  Why not give it a face lift by applying a wrap or decals that will give it an updated look and bring back that sparkle in your eyes?   In fact, we recently did exactly that with one of our own toys.

Take a look at the Before …

Other vehicles - Sea-Doo prior to vinyl wrap

and After …

Other vehicles - Full vinyl wrap on Sea-Doo


Below are just a few of the other types of vehicles we can help you to customize and/or update …

  • Sea-doo
  • ATV
  • Boat
  • Motorbike
  • Snowmobile
  • Plane


Looking to transform the look of one of your motorized vehicles?  Let us help get you started with a free consultation!

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