Chrome and reflective vinyl decals on fleet truck - night shot

Revisiting Reflective Vinyl

Is reflective vinyl right for your next signage or vehicle graphics project?

Reflective vinyl allows for ease of detecting vehicles and other types of signage at dawn, dusk and the dark of night.  It also provides for improved extended visibility in the low light we must endure during fall and winter. 

Although it is most commonly applied on emergency vehicles, school buses and fleet vehicles, there are other beneficial business applications to consider including outdoor signage and billboards.

Avery Denison is one of the top manufacturers of high-performance reflective vinyl, initially developing fluorescent films for the primary intent of safety first.   Their high-quality film is produced to withstand the test of time and comes with a warranty up to 12 years.

Avery’s current product line includes:

  • V2000 Beaded Reflective Films – provides bold day/night color consistency for flat applications, such as road signs, billboards, and other outdoor signage, to enhance visibility and instantly grab attention.
  • V4000 Beaded Reflective Films – designed to conform to medium curves and rivets applicable to fleet vehicles, trailers and outdoor signage, providing brilliantly bright day and night visibility.
  • V8000 Series Prismatic Reflective Films – when high visibility is desired, this product line provides striking and bold reflectivity for safety and emergency vehicles but is also excellent for eye catching custom vehicle graphics and enhanced outdoor signage.
  • Reflective Tape – used on trucks, trailers and other vehicles (e.g. school buses) for easy night time vehicle recognition and helps to increase road safety. Available in white, yellow and red.


To further protect your reflective vinyl, Avery has also developed an Anti-Graffiti overlay film which helps to prevent paint pens, spray paints and stickers from penetrating the vinyl film surface, allowing for ease of removal.  Not only does this overlay film provide a wall of defence against graffiti, it also helps to further extend the life of your vinyl.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of reflective vinyl and how the different application options can help elevate the visibility of your business or custom vehicle … give our team a call at 587-350-5921!