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Custom Designs

Branding is often your most important weapon for standing out in an ocean of competition. Calgary has a high density of businesses; this makes it unlikely that you are the only person with a business in your specific industry. You are competing for consumers with everyone else selling similar products and services, and the only way to stay afloat in these conditions is to be recognized and known. In other words, you have to have consistent and memorable branding. Branding is more than just your name. Clients and consumers are going to associate their entire experience working with you with your brand. If you’re selling a product, it will be the sum of every experience that person has with your product. That’s powerful!

The power that comes with great branding is why, here at Wraptor Signs & Graphics, we’re always so excited about our custom designs. It’s probably one of our favourite services. Whether we’re designing brand-new creations or tweaking (or recreating) an old design, it’s a privilege to watch a business transform. And, one of the great things about working with us is that once the design is completed, we can print it.

We feel extremely fortunate to be working at a time when technology is constantly evolving, and we are always racing to grow our business. Thanks to the times and the advancements in the print industry, we can imagine, create, and manifest designs all on site. With our state of the art, latex, photo-quality printer any design is within reach, and the possibilities are infinite.

At Wraptor, we can print your custom designs on almost any medium. Digital displays (perfect for your website), dip wraps (car dipping for fleet vehicles or your own car that you use to commute), wall graphics and stained glass films (perfect to us around your business), and more – it’s all available here. This is great for you because you know all of your branding is going to perfectly match and be of excellent quality. Nothing is worse than having an odd piece out with a slightly different shade of orange or that blurred during printing. You can avoid these problems by having all of your pieces printed by a quality sign and graphics business like Wraptor.

Is it time to create memorable branding that consumers will know for generations? Contact the experts at Wraptor today!