Protective Counter Barriers

Barriers Help to Protect Your Employees & Customers

We recently started receiving calls from our retail clients asking if we are able to produce protective barriers (sneeze guards) for their customer service counters. With the ongoing spread of Covid-19, many businesses have been scrambling to take additional measures to protect their customers and employees. One of these measures has been to set up some sort of protective shield at the counters where they serve the public.  This includes cashiers, food pick-up, service counters, etc.


Although this was not something that we had normally manufactured in the past, Paul (our operations manager) immediately got to work to come up with a solution that would meet our client’s needs.   As the calls continued to come in, it quickly become apparent that we needed to come up with a variety of options to choose from as the requirements were different for each client.  Here is what we have to offer …


Our Product

Our custom manufactured protective barriers are made of impact resistant, clear plexi-glass material.  The barriers are custom sized to request, including an access window option to allow for pass through (e.g. POS terminals, take out food, etc.).   

Our  free-standing design (shown below) is custom fabricated for quick delivery and is easy to assemble.

Free standing plexi-glass barriers

Free standing counter top barriers

Other Protective Barrier Installation Options

With and without access windows.

  • 3M Adhesive Tape Mounted (non-intrusive to counter tops) 
  • Hard Mounted (more permanent)
  • Suspended 

For further customization, we can produce, print and apply custom decals. We also offer the option to add window frosting that can include a specific design and/or your Company logo.   


Physical Distance Barriers

Protective plexi-glass barriers


Our Wraptor Signs & Graphics team is honored to be able to contribute, in some small way, to helping to mitigate the spread.  We are here to support you in helping to keep you, your employees and your customers safe.

Give us a call today at (587) 350-5922 for further assistance.

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