Point of Sale

Point of Sale is a Great Place to Advertise

In any retail store, the Point of Sale (POS) or the checkout counter is a great place to entice shoppers to make one last purchase before they head out the door. A lot of impulse buying takes place just before or at the checkout. If you aren’t taking advantage of that behaviour, you could be missing out on an extra 25% of sales. It’s often said that in order to be successful in sales, it’s critical to influence customers’ behaviour at the POS.

Point of Sale displays are specialized sales promotions that are strategically placed close to or right on the checkout counter. They’re used to draw shoppers’ attention to new products or products that are on sale. While they’re standing in line at a checkout, people naturally tend to check out the POS displays. If there’s product at hand, they’ll often grab one or two and add them to their order.

POS displays come in a lot of different shapes, sizes, and styles. Some are supplied and maintained by the company that manufactures the product. Larger businesses often have their own displays that are more in keeping with their branding and corporate image. Some POS displays are small enough to fit on a counter. Others are large banners or posters with enticing images printed in full colour on materials like foam board, high quality graphic paper, or vinyl.  Another common type of POS display is a lightbox that uses fluorescent bulbs to illuminate a poster inserted into the box. Since they’re often changed regularly, portability and economy can be important in a POS display. Retailers demand high quality without high prices for their POS display units.

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