Advertising - The Power of Being Seen

The Power of Being Seen

Advertising and marketing is a huge business. Even in Canada, it is an ever growing industry. In the States? Bus benches alone are an 8 billion dollar industry. In Canada, it’s easy to spend thousands of dollars on radio ads or on billboards along the major roads. But what do bus benches, radio ads, and billboards all have in common? Well, a couple of things. They’re all more or less stationery advertisement for one. The bus bench and the billboard isn’t going anywhere that’s for sure, and even radio advertisements are only played on one channel. It’s pretty likely it’ll be the same commuters every morning and every evening seeing and hearing your ads. Another thing they have in common is the main audience that’s going to see these ads are people on the road driving, but what do drivers pay attention to more than bus benches and billboards? Other cars.

Here at Wraptor Signs and Graphics, we produce decals, partial-wraps, full-wraps and more. You can literally turn your vehicle into a moving advertisement and marketing strategy just by doing your daily commute, deliveries, or driving between meetings. Going to the grocery store? You’re advertising your business. Drop the kids off at school? You’re advertising the entire way there and back. Customers can’t buy from a business they don’t know exists. With a car wrap, you will be advertising to hundreds of different Calgarians everyday without doing anything new.  

If your only business sign is at the location of your business, there’s a good chance your sign isn’t producing very many new leads. The people coming to your location already knew that you were there. Increasing your clientele means increasing the number of people who know your brand, what you do, and where to find you. Just by putting your brand out into the world at trade shows or with your vehicle, you are expanding the number of people that may google your business, remember your brand’s name, and come to you when they’re looking for your product or service. You’re increasing the number of people that can tell their friends, “I saw an advertisement for a business that does that just the other day. Here’s their name.”

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