Is Reflective Vinyl Right for Your Next Project?

Are you looking for a different look for your vehicle wrap that will get you noticed not only in the day but also at night? Do you want to add “pop” to your logo or lettering for your business signage without the added ongoing cost of electric illumination? The answer may lie in the use of reflective vinyl.

You may have not given it much thought, but we regularly see reflective vinyl in our everyday travels. Where, you might ask? A prime example is in our road and highway signs. Reflective vinyl provides greater visibility to signage at night as it is specifically designed to reflect when hit by artificial light, such as a vehicle’s headlights.

With the advancement in manufacturing, reflective vinyl has started to become more popular for use in commercial business signage and vehicle wraps as well. Through its use, signage becomes more legible after dark and vehicle wraps and graphics are attracting more attention.

reflective vinyl

There are many types of reflective vinyl to choose from and not every reflective vinyl is the same. As each type of vinyl has its own unique properties and challenges, several factors must first be considered in order to ensure the right vinyl is selected. This includes:

  • What type of signage is being produced?
    • Is it for a road sign, building sign, vehicle wrap, or window graphics?
  • Is the application surface flat or curved?
  • Is the surface textured or smooth?
  • Where will the sign be located? Will a wide or narrow viewing angle also need to be considered?
  • Does it require cut vinyl or will printing/graphics also be applied?
  • What is the range of outdoor conditions the signage will be exposed to?
  • What is the expected longevity of the signage?


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