Vehicle wrap is a cost effective form of advertising

One of the main goals in advertising is to make an excellent first impression.  In our competitive world, business owners are on the constant lookout for different ways to attract new customers, build brand recognition and create impulse sales.   This is where vehicle advertising comes into play. Vehicle wraps are a proven form of mobile advertising that immediately captures the attention of potential customers and is an easy and cost effective way to spread your business message.

Partial Fleet Wrap for Property Management Company

With vehicle wraps your business can be promoted 24/7, 365 days per year, which is why vehicle wrapping has become an extremely popular and successful method of long term advertising.  One of the biggest advantages of vehicle advertising is the ability to establish your brand locally along with the added bonus of excellent returns on your investment.

Businesses are finding that they are getting more customers from using vehicle wrap advertising than other forms advertising such as newspaper or online.  ARD Ventures market research has shown that if you spend 2.5 hours per day driving in the city, on average you will get 5,175 vehicular impressions. That means that your single mobile vehicle wrap can get upwards of more than 30,000 impressions on any given day!  Advertise on a fleet of vehicles and the numbers can become staggering!

Vehicle wraps allow your business to advertise in targeted, densely populated areas but did you also realize that they give you access to locations where other forms of advertising may not be permitted?

Colorful and eye-catching, wraps will make your vehicle stand out and are a non-aggressive, modern form of advertising.  Your vehicle wrap will not only become an effective mobile billboard, it will also protect your vehicle body from scratches and will help keep it in great condition.  Wraps are scratch resistant, waterproof and cheaper than regular vehicle paint.  If you are worried about cleaning and taking care for your vinyl wrap, you don’t have to be. Our vinyl wraps are easy to clean and care for. Soap and water will do the trick to remove any dirt without causing any damage to the vinyl.

Partial Fleet Trailer Wrap

There are many forms of wraps to choose from including short-term wraps, long-term wraps, full vehicle wraps or partial wraps. You can put a wrap on any kind of personal or company vehicle … car, truck, motorcycle, boat, sea-doo, trailer… the choice is yours to make!

If you get tired of your vehicle or want to switch up your advertising message or branding, vehicle wraps are completely reversible and can be changed at any time. Our in-house specialists can readily install and remove our vehicle wraps without damaging the vehicle’s paint.

Full Trailer Wrap and print cut reflective decals

Bottom line is that there are so many upsides to going with a vehicle wrap for business advertising, vehicle product advertising or simply wanting a nice looking design on your vehicle.

Check out our gallery of finished vehicle wraps.    If you are looking to wrap your vehicle or would like more information, call us at 587-350-5922 for a free consultation or go online to request a free quote.

Happy wrapping!