dimensional lettering

Want signs with more Impact? Get Dimensional Lettering

When someone sees your business frontage or a client walks into your office, what kind of first impression do you want to make? A typical flat sign, lettering, or logo can be very effective for advertising and drawing attention to your business. However, if you really want to make it pop, take a look at how dimensional lettering and logos can make a sign more interesting, eye catching, and memorable.

Dimensional signs feature either raised or recessed 3D letters, symbols, or logos. They can be made out of virtually any material including plastic, wood, foam, and metal, and various lighting effects can be added to really make them stand out.

Plastic dimensional lettering is usually vacuum formed or is CNC’d out of solid blocks of plastic. Any thickness, colour, font, or finish is available. Plastic dimensional lettering is available at a number of different price levels depending on the material so there’s something that will meet almost anyone’s budget.

Foam is the most economical material for dimensional signage. It’s excellent for indoor and outdoor uses. Foam is available in various thicknesses, densities, colours, and finishes and can be routed or CNC’d. Foam dimensional signage is very light so it’s easy to install with double sided foam tape.

Dimensional signs can also be made out of virtually any metal which can be CNC’d or cut out with a water jet. Brushed aluminum or stainless steel letters look stunning against a black background.

As an alternative to raised lettering, recessed letters or logos can also be sandblasted into wood and a number of other materials.

Channel letters are another type of 3D sign. A channel letter is formed out of metal and plastic, and a neon tube or string of LED lights is inserted. The letters are usually covered with a layer of translucent plastic which is illuminated by the light behind it. Halo letters are an alternative to standard channel letters. Halo letters are left open at the back and the light is directed rearward to create a striking backlighting affect.

If you’d like to find out more about how dimensional lighting can make your exterior or interior business signage stand out, visit Wraptor Signs and Graphics in Calgary.

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