Have you ever asked yourself what option is better for you and your vehicle – Vehicle Wrap or paint?  Allow us to answer that question for you … a Vehicle Wrap is the sure fire choice to take.

“The why” behind our response lies in the following four advantages Vehicle Wraps have over paint.  Please read on …

Lower Cost

Simply stated – vehicle wraps are more affordable than a quality paint job – a full vehicle wrap costs much less.  The added bonus is that, with a full or partial vehicle wrap, your vehicle can instantly become a rolling billboard.  This translates into ongoing revenue that will give you an attractive return on your investment.

If your business is rebranding or you simply want to change the look of your vehicle, vinyl wraps can be easily replaced with new ones. Bottom line … it is much more cost effective to do a new wrap over the cost of a new paint job.

Faster Installation Time

It is a proven fact that is takes a lot less time to install a vinyl wrap than it takes to paint a vehicle.  Faster installation means less down time and disruption to your business and, more importantly, gets you back on the road to earn revenue more quickly.

Higher Vehicle Protection

Vinyl wraps automatically protect your vehicle paint from weathering and other hazards.  Oh, and did we also mention … you can say goodbye to abrasion and stone chips?  By protecting your pain, you also maintain the resale value.

Vinyl wraps not only provide higher vehicle protection, the vinyl is also more durable and will last longer than paint.  Did you know that vehicle vinyl is also laminated to protect it from harmful UV rays, which keeps the colors vibrant as opposed to paint that is known to fade?

No Maintenance

With vehicle vinyl, there is no need for waxing – mild soap and water are the essentially the only two things you need for your vinyl maintenance. If your vehicle gets dirty, simply rinse off the extra dirt and grime and wash using a soft cloth or sponge.

Although hand washing is the preferred method, your vinyl wrapped vehicle can also go through an automated touch free car wash.   Only thing you need to be carefully is to hand wash your wrapped vehicle. By following these simple rules, your vinyl will become a long lasting product.

The Final Word …

In the debate between vehicle wrapping and painting, the hands down winner is the vehicle wrap.

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