Car Wrap Maintenance to Keep it Looking its Best.

Car Wrap Maintenance to Keep it Looking its Best

How long your car wrappers last depends a lot on how well they are taken care of. Unlaminated wraps can last three or so years; buying the laminated versions gives you an additional two years on average. However, whether your car wrap makes it to this average, out-lives it, or disintegrates quicker can be affected by a couple things. We’d like to take a few minutes to discuss the big ones, and how you can prevent them from hurting your wrap.

Sunlight. Ultraviolet radiation (UV) rays are part of the electromagnetic spectrum that we on Earth receive from the sun. Humans interact with this spectrum all the time. All the colours we see, as well as white light, are part of the visible light frequencies of this spectrum. On the low-energy end of the spectrum we sense infrared radiation as heat. We use microwaves to cook our food and radio waves to transmit messages. On the high-energy end, UV rays are the cause of sunburns, which can lead to skin cancer. X-rays are also dangerous, but allow us to see inside our bodies. Just as UV rays burn and break down your skin, they also break down the vinyl in your car wrap. When exposed to UV rays for too long, the vinyl begins to fade and becomes brittle. It cracks and oxidizes.

Pollutants. All of the pollution humankind has been pumping into the air since the dawn of farming and the industrial revolution can negatively affect the longevity of your car wrapper. In areas of high-volume traffic or industry, heavy pollutants can really take their toll. These chemicals can (and will) slowly settle on your vehicle if it’s parked outdoors. The roof and other long, horizontal surfaces will pick up the majority of these compounds, and when they become wet from rain or morning dew, the residue will react to form an acid that slowly eats away the car wrapper.

The best way to protect your vehicle from both of these problems is to keep it under cover. Park in a garage, in underground parking, or use a tarp or cloth to cover the vehicle. Even just parking under a tree in the shade will help protect it from UV rays. Of course, it’s a vehicle, and when it’s on the road you won’t be able to protect it as well, but car wrappers are durable. They should have no problem reaching their average lifespan if precautions are taken when parking for long periods of time. Washing your car regularly will also help wash away any chemical compounds from pollutants. Whenever the wrapper begins to look dirty, remember to take the car to the wash or even just scrub it off at home with a quality car-care product.

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